You’re a fool if you give even 1 cedi to a woman you’re not married to – Counselor Luterodt(video)

Controversial Ghanaian marriage and relationships counselor George Luterodt have dropped a bombshell concerning giving money to your woman..

In Ghana, it’s quite a normal practice to see guys taking on the responsibilities of their girlfriends and providing for them, almost as soon as the woman says yes to the proposal of being a girlfriend.

This practice, is not one Counselor Luterodt is in support of in the slightest bit and he’s made it very clear speaking on radio.

Mincing no words, the counselor have called guys who take care of woman they’re only dating and not married to fools.

In his own word;

Every man listening, If you’re not married to a  woman you don’t cater for her… You don’t spend on any woman you’re not married to!

He continued, questioning if any man is a Non Governmental Organization(NGO) to be taking such responsibilities on himself,  he fumed.

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