Young man propose marriage to old white woman for green card(photos)

The struggle for a better life is one thing common among everyone who wasn’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths…


But one thing that’s not mutual is how everyone chooses to approach the situation and better their lives.


We’ve seen people in the past risking their lives crossing the Sahara desert to go to Libya for a better life back when it wasn’t a war torn country.


Others risk their lives packing themselves like sardines in small boats and crossing over to places like Italy, Greece and others.


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Some on the other hand take the path of the green card, where it usually means marrying someone they wouldn’t normally marry, just to secure that overseas citizenship.


Such is the case of a young man we’ve come across in online photos who in the pics seem to really mean business and is ready to get that green card by hook or crook.


Checkout some of the photos below….


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