Young man killed in NPP and NDC clash

A man in his late 20s have become the victim of political intolerance is the Banda community…


Silas Wulochamey, a graduate from Akim Oda Teacher Training College, was the victim of mistaken identity when a chaos ensued between NPP and NDC faithfuls in Wenchi in the Bono region because of the voters register and matters arising.


Silas who’s reportedly not even political unfortunately got the raw end of the ordeal when he was stabbed to death.


He was confronted by the men at Banda Kabrono on Monday whiles returning from a visit to his pastor at Wenchi Methodist according to his brother Micah Perdjo.


“The wound was deep and he was bleeding and in pain, so he couldn’t say anything to me. The doctors did their best but they said the knife would had affected his lungs and there was not much they could do when he was brought to the hospital,” he noted.


Silas  died 6:am on Tuesday without being able to utter a word to his brother.