Women who pay their own bills don’t respect – Man claims

“What do women really want?” is a question often asked by men because of the ever changing demands of the female gender, but this time the question has to be flipped around and asked, what do men really want? As a Twitter user have put doubt in the assertion that men want independent women.


Independent women are   believedt be a high sort after “commodity” especially in our side of the world so men don’t get drowned in demands that never ends with some being as miniscule as airtime and data bundles.


The username NorBoy on Twitter on the other hand opines that a relationship is gonna have challenges if the woman is financially independent and pays her own bills.




According to him, such capable women don’t respect nor do they listen to the men they’re having relations with.


Replies to NorBoy’s statement came with differing opinions with some agreeing to him and others chalking it up to him and other men being insecure and intimidated by an independent woman who doesn’t have to rely on him or men for crumbs and in so doing won’t take the “crap” of such men.


But what do you think? Is it a matter of fact or fragile masculinity?