Women are now wearing fake vaginas to make their vagina look big

“Beauty Standards” and/or fashion trends change as time goes on, and the more they change they crazier they seem to get….


From fake eyelashes, shaved off and then drawn on eyebrows, wigs, weaves, boob job and butt implants, the list seems to be endless but just when you thought you’ve seen it all, they turn it up a notch.


Fake camel toes(protruding vaginas for lack of a better word) is the craziest trend lately, something that women used to feel embarrassed about.


A padded style underwear that accentuates the lady bits of women is apparently in style and it’s crazy as it sounds.


They come in different shapes, sizes and even color, not that it matters since it’ll be underneath pants but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to be diversity conscious.


Here are some pics of the absurdity below…