Woman and her 9 kids storms the funeral of a priest, says she’s his wife

Being a blogger, I come across and write all kinds of stories so much so that hardly any story surprises me , but sometimes one story really takes you aback,  sit back and enjoy this one…


Priests are not allowed to have spouses and kids, as soon as you take up the cross, you dedicate your life to God and God only and live a life of chastity.




Why? Because Jesus is said to have remained a virgin from birth to death and dedicated his entire life to his Godly missions and priests must emulate the same and also because women and kids are worldly distractions and whatnots.


But sometimes, ‘the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’ and countless priests have been known to have one form of a sexual relationship or another and some even fathering kids, and such is this story


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So a priest died and the funeral rites were being held when one woman along with her nine children made an appearance to lay claim to the deceased being their relative.


According to the unusual story, Vida Annin, the woman and Oti Boateng the priest had an amorous relationship leading to not one or two kids but almost a dozen, nine to be precise.



The story spread like wildfire and soon enough the funeral is said to have been filled with loads of onlookers.


So how’s that for crazy? Meanwhile another man of God has been caught on video, in the act of sleeping with his friends wife.


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