Wife throws hot soup on husband for cheating(video)

You ain’t happy in a relationship? quit! but if you choose to cheat, you probably shouldn’t do it in broad daylight, why? well you might end up the same way(or worse)  like the man in this story…


An unidentified man in a viral instagram video, was seen in a restaurant, daytime eating with a lady.


A woman shows up and starts questioning the husband in why he keeps doing this(cheating) on her.


She turns her attention to the woman the husband is having the affair with and asked if she knew he was married which she denied.


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The “legitimate woman” then goes back to the husband and repeats the question again, which the man told her to take it easy and before ‘anyone could say soup'(pun intended) the soup on the table landed on his face.



Hopefully it wasn’t too hot and he learns his lesson, who knows what can happen next time.


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