Why Sarkodie’s blogger twitter account got hacked revealed

As a blogger or an influencer, nothing sucks more than having your social media platform banned, blocked or hacked after putting in so much work and sometimes money to get it where it is…


Unfortunately, sometimes that’s the reality and many fall victim to the above mentioned and Kobby Kyei, blogger and one of Sarkodie’s close associate, and often referred to as Sarkodie’s blogger have become the latest victim.


One @Mr_Buckman a tweeter user is currently the one in possession of Kobby Kyei’s twitter account.


Mockingly, he tweeted “Ahh what’s happening” like he doesn’t know what’s going on.



According to most comments and reactions, the most plausible suspect responsible for this will be someone from the Shatta Movement(SM) camp.



Honestly in our opinion, it doesn’t seem farfetched at all since Kobby Kyei have been known to always take the side of Sarkodie while descending on Shatta Wale, whenever and issue between the two musicians come up.