Why Nigel Gaisie sleeps with women before church revealed

Nigel Gaisie, is still on the hot seat of exposés and new revelations have trickled in…


A former junior pastor of Nigel Gaisie, a week ago on Net 2 TV Kennedy Agyapong led exposé made known he(Nigel) sleeps with women everytime before he goes to church before being able to prophesy.


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According to one woman who calls herself ‘Ama Born Again’ the reason behind it all is part of some occult ritual.


‘Ama Born Again’ who says she introduced Nigel into occultism claims Nigel has to finger a woman while wearing an occult ring to activate some powers.


“He will finger you, lick you and deposit the ring in your genitalia, and then pick it when you are wet. He will suck dry your cum on the ring to activate his powers as directed by the ritualist” she narrated.


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She added that she and Nigel went to other African countries to get him those powers and became afraid for a friend, after she heard someone Nigel slept with had died.


“I was afraid for my friend. I though she will die if I don’t tell her” she said.

“But Nigel Gaisie was so eager to get wealthy. She slept with any woman he comes across” Ama Born Again added.


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