Why is Mahama so desperate to become a President – Akuffo-Addo questions

President Akuffo-Addo has questioned the rationale behind former President John Dramani Mahama wanting to come back as a President again…


According to the President this is the first time a former President, an immediate one at that, wants to become a President again.


He questioned why John Dramani Mahama will want to come back exactly and what he used his time as a President and a vice to do.


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“This is the first time in our history that an incumbent president and an immediate past president is contesting for an election.”


Ghanaians should ask themselves what Mahama used his power for while he was in government.”


It’s not as though Mahama hasn’t been president before, he has. He did more than four years because he was even a vice president. What did he do? What’s his record that is making him seek a second term?” he queried.


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