Weed can cure coronavirus, says upcoming artist Euni Melo

The coronavirus pandemic have brought out a lot of speculations and conspiracies concerning what caused it and what can cure it…


From it being “caused by” 5G telephone towers and drinking detergents being the solution to the pandemic, we’ve seen and heard it all but Euni Melo have added one more to the list.


According to the self proclaimed African dancehall queen, Marijuana can cure the virus, as well as toothache.


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Posted by Euni Melo on Tuesday, June 16, 2020


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Tho marijuana does have medicinal qualities, there haven’t been any studies done about it capabilities of curing coronavirus address far as we know.


Maybe Euni Melo was just taking a page out of Shatta Wale’s book about women in the industry thriving on whatever they can to make waves.


She better hope her claims doesn’t get her in trouble tho, like the guy who claimed sobolo was a cure.


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