We were fired because, TV3 wanted to own 3 Music Awards – Sadiq Abdulai

3Music Awards have revealed it’s no longer associated with Media mogul, Media Generals TV3…



3Music Awards during it’s inception was associated with TV3 leaving us all to think it was the media station’s brand of awards to reward musicians in the country.


Contrary to that belief, it turns out that TV3 didn’t really have much of a stake in the award scheme and only wanted to be a partial owner, after it’s success to which the organisers declined.


Because of that, TV3 cut ties with 3Music Awards, as explained by the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) to Lexis Bill.


Actually  we didn’t leave TV3, we were sacked. We were sacked, this matter. So after the first year, we had started discussions towards the second year of 3 music awards and at that time, 3 music had run on TV3 for over a year. So we started discussions, everything was going on well and they got a new commercial manager. So when the new commercial manager came in we had picked up the conversation and we were meant to break our comms in November and we reached out around October to let them know that look we did something like this last year, we’ve already started preliminary conversations and we were looking to finalize it so that we can proceed and break our comms on the 1st of November


When he came in and found that TV3 didn’t own the brand, he sought to…he made a proposal that the brand media general own equity in the brand and it was two weeks to the break of comms so we came back and told him that equity conversations are not walk in the park. We made him aware that we understood what we were doing… So we asked whether he wanted equity or maintain the contract 3 music has with TV3 and he said equity. Then we said boss equity conversations are difficult so back and forth we don’t know the information the CEO got,”


“One of the days we got to the studio to produce the content because w had built a new set and signed on some new clients then some members of the TV3 team walked to us and said you guys can’t shoot here, you’ve got to leave because there’s been a circular on email that 3 music should be taken off air. Up until now, I don’t know the whole story behind it and they’ve never given us the opportunity to explain or discuss it. So we were filming and just around the evening, the CEO walked to us and indicated that we can’t be there and we have to leave. So we were taken off air and although I tried to get to the CEO to have a discussion with her, the head of entertainment went in and came back to tell me she doesn’t want to see me


Interestingly, TV3 appears to have found another awards scheme to collaborate with and that is none other than the most anticipated Vodafone Ghana Music Awards(VGMAs), which was formally associated with GhOne TV.