we want our money our we’ll vote against you – DKM customers to Nana Addo

Coalition of affected DKM customers have given the President and his government and ultimatum to either pay them their investments in defunct DKM or risk losing the elections…


Speaking in a press conference on Friday, disappointed customers of the collapsed microfinance expressed their grievance about how they’ve been excluded from the mid year budget review that came off the day before.


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Reminding Nana Addo of his poromises,  Secretary of the group, Mr. Agyei Baffour recalled how Nana Addo promised to give them their deposits when he’s elected.


He says they based their votes on that promise by Nana Addo and over 3 years now, they haven’t seen the promise yielding any result.


He went on to lay out Nana Addo’s options, which is he either deliver on his promise or they vote massively against him.


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