Waakye in a jar, the new viral craze(+photos)

Branding is everything? you do not believe it, checkout this waakye packaging…


A waakye vendor have done the unthinkable by keeping waakye and it’s condiments in a jar.



The waakye in a jar is semblant of how we learned about the different kinds of soils back in school where they were layered on top of eachother.


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With the stew beneath, followed by the spaghetti, then the Gari, and then followed by the shito, the waakye and finally the salad cream, the “waakye craze” have taken over twitter.


Sparking a rather insensitive hash tag especially at a time like this, #WaakyeLivesMatter have taken over the micro-blogging space twitter.


Waakye is a popular Ghanaian dish mainly made with brown rice and beans eaten along with the condiments mentioned above.


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