Voting for Nana Addo will reduce ‘wee’ smoking – Nicholas Omane Achampong

Nicholas Omane Achampong have echoed his support for the NPP once again…


Earlier this week, made a report on Nicholas Omane Achampong, telling candidate for the presidency from the National Democratic Congress(NDC) camp, John Dramani Mahama not to waste his money on campaigns because he’ll loose the elections.


This brought a lot of lambasting the way of the gospel musician but he appears unperturbed.


Speaking to TV3, the Zaphenath Paneah hit maker still backed the incumbent New Patriotic Party(NPP) Nana Addo led government ahead of the 2020 elections.


His reasons still remains the same, and that is the Free Senior High School(FSHS) policy from the NPP government.


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According to Omane Achampong the policy is one that should be allowed to grow stronger in the hands of those who started it before another government takes over.


He says it’s a policy that’s for future generations.


He further went on to add voting for Nana Addo will reduce teenage pregnancy, weed smoking as well as other vices because kids who would be home and not being able to school and indulging in such activities will now be able to because of FSHS.


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