VIDEO: The Moment Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Commands Angels To Help Win Elections

The Presidential race of the United States of America(USA) between the incumbent Republican Trump led government and the opposition Joe Biden will be one for the history books..


With the opposition Biden led Democrats Party leading the polls, Donald Trump who believes he’s deserving of a second term have pulled out the big guns, with the help of his “Spiritual Advisor”.


Resorting to his spiritual arsenal, his spiritual advisor, Paula White have interceded for him through prayers which they’re hoping God will lift his hands and magically throw them ahead of the polls and overcome Biden, even tho all signs are clear of his victory which will be declared soon.


Interestingly, in the prayers Paula called on Angels from our very own continent Africa, a place Trump has expressed disdain for to help him win the elections.


She was heard in the prayers saying;


“I hear a sound of victory. The Lord says it is done. For I hear, victory, victory, victory!….Angels are being dispatched right now …Angels have been dispatched from Africa right now. They’re coming here, in the name of Jesus…..I hear the sound of victory” 



Do you think it’ll work?