VIDEO: One of my breast was bigger than the other after plastic surgery – Slay Queen reveals

Confidence Haugen, former CEO of once popular night club, Aphrodisiac have come clean on all the plastic surgery she’s had…


According to Confidence on her YouTube channel, she’s had three breast augmentations and two was unsuccessful.


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Confidence Haugen says her first breast surgery didn’t go so well as she didn’t achieve the desired look and  perkiness she was going for and left her bosoms droopy.


“Because of the first implant, my boobs became very saggy…the skin had stretched but the implant was just there and it was just horrible”


She decided to go in for a review surgery to get the droopiness fixed but that ended up botched too.


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The plastic surgeon it seems put in two different sizes of silicone implants and she ended up with “39:40 boobs”


“One was bigger than the other, it was mismatched, the size”


She got a tip from a friend and decided to go under the knife for the 3rd time and like the saying goes, “3rd time is the charm”.


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Watch her below…



Confidence advised people who intend to have plastic surgery to make sure they do their research well and ask to see some past works of the surgeon before going under the knife.


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