Video of 90 year old woman killed on claims of being a witch in Savannah Region shocks Ghanaians

The disgusting culture of labelling and sometimes killing old women in the northern parts of culture unfortunately continues…


In a video currently going viral online, an elderly woman estimated to be in her 90s have become yet another victim of the literal witch-hunt in the northern regional parts of Ghana.


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The video and woman said to be from the Kafaba in the East Gonja Municipality of the Savannah region is said to have been accused of being a witch by a soothsayer.


On what grounds? It’s not clear yet but most probably because a family member is having difficulties in their life and they decided it’s the fault of the old woman whom they claim is a witch, just like previous cases in the past.


Young people were captured in the video hitting the woman repeatedly while she begged for her life and continued to refute their accusations of her being a witch.


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Shockingly, relatively younger women are seen in the crowds also assaulting the old woman, forgetting someday they’ll probably be in the same circumstances.


The video has sparked outrage online and Ghanaians who’ve come across it have demanded the people responsible for her suffering be arrested.


Our policies go against posting a video of such nature and even if it wasn’t, I’m not interested in putting such a disgusting footage on .


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