VIDEO; Fulani Gunmen sho0ts church members, kidnaps priest

The insecurity in Nigeria gets scarier everyday as new heinous crimes are committed in Owo, Ondo State where gunmen alleged to be fulani herdsmen spray a church with guns, leaving numerous members dead…


Church goers woke up today as usual to go to church and were brutally murdered in a gory scene at the St Francis Catholic Church, except the priest of the church who is said to have been kidnapped by the assailants.


As of now, its unclear how many people perished in the massacre exactly but judging from theΒ  video, it’s one too many as bodies are seen splashed across the church grounds in their own pool of blood.


see video below….



Insecurity in West African countries have become rampant lately starting from Nigeria which goes as far back as nearly a decade ago with Boko Haram.


It has slowly found it’s way into neighboring countries like Burkina Faso, prompting the government of Ghana to launch of campaign in awareness of terrorism, dubbed, “See Something, Say Something”.. also don’t forget to call 999 to report to authorities when you do see something suspicious.