VIDEO: Feli Nuna Blasts A Plus On United Showbiz

The 21st of May edition of highly acclaimed entertainment TV Show, United Showbiz turned chaotic as a regular panelist A Plus and a guest artiste Feli Nuna got involved in a heated arguement…


What was meant to be the promotion of Feli Nuna’s new single ‘Towel’ took an odd turn when discussions about music investors and support from partners came on board, with A Plus and Feli Nuna being at each other’s throats verbally.


Feli Nuna talked about how some investors want to sleep with women before helping them to which A Plus asked if she’s supported by her boyfriend siting Keche Andrew’s wife and how much she’s in support of her husband’s craft, with Feli interjecting to agree with A Plus saying “that’s good” and quickly getting shut down by A Plus saying she talks too much.


A Plus continues saying Feli’s boyfriend doesn’t invest in her music but she’s going out there to seek investment from other men while her boyfriend keeps his money, with Feli chiming in and asking A Plus if what he’s saying makes sense.


The two proceed to indulge in a lot of back and forth with Feli saying A Plus can continue to not see things from her point of view and added her boyfriend is more sensible than him while Mr “Logic” calls a foul and the host and other panelists sits and watch the drama unfold.


Watch video below..