‘Unseen’ photos of the Chief Imam and a little background story.

The National Chief Imam of Ghana turned 101 right before the Islamic community commenced the 2020 Ramadan which began on the 23rd of April.

Little is known about the personal life of the remarkable man, and the public pretty much only get to hear about him when there’s a public address or special occasions like Ramadan on the islamic calendar.

National Chief imam of Ghana

While doing a little digging to commemorate his birthday and the celebration of Ramadan, whatstrendingh.com came across some old pics of the Chief Imam, something myself and probably others have not seen.

Here are two old pictures of the National Chief Imam of Ghana…

source: @koficountryman

The Chief Imam of Ghana, born Sheikh Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu was born and raised in Fadama in 1919.

After the creation of the National Chief Imam office in 1993, he was appointed and have been holding the position ever since.

He’s played a major role in ensuring religious tolerance, inter religious relationships and peace amongst the 2 leading religions in Ghana namely Christianity and Islam.