University students jailed 5 years for leaking nudes

Two university students have been jailed for leaking and passing around nude pictures and videos of a teenager…


Desmond Appleton and Elvin Boakye Agyemang were jailed 3years and 2 years respectively.


The pair pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit the crime with child pôrnography, procurement of child pórnography, possession of child pórnography and publication of child pórnography.


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Elvin Boakye Agyeman went to the school of the 14 year old victim to sell branded T-shirts back in January 2017 where they exchanged their contacts.


The two started to chat online through the telegram app where Elvin Boakye Agyeman asked her to send him nudes of herself which she did.


He then passed it on to Desmond Appleton who proceeded to blackmail the young girl for more nudes saying he’ll upload the nudes already in his possession unto the internet if she doesn’t play along.


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She obliged and sent him 10 nudes as requested by Desmond but he wanted more and persuaded her which she refused and deleted the app.


A teacher of the young girl contacted the mother of the victim, telling her nudes of her daughter have found its way on the internet.


the issue was reported to the cyber crime unit of Ghana Police which eventually brought about an investigation leading to the arrest and conviction of Elvin and Desmond.


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