Treat Bill Gates like the plague, he’s evil – Dr Marcus Papadopoulos

Bill Gates have been the subject of controversy concerning the coronavirus pandemic with many people believing he’s behind it all…

A political editor by the name Dr Marcus Papadopoulos have advised people to close their doors on Bill Gates and never believe he’s for humanity like he(Gates) would like you to believe.

According to Papadopoulos,Β  Bill Gates is a sinister man and believing he cares for humanity is like believing a serial killer cares about Human Rights.

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He tweeted;

Treat Bill Gates like a plague – shut the door on him and never open it again. This most odious and sinister of men should be shunned the world over. To believe that Gates cares for humanity is akin to believing that a serial killer cares for human rights.

Bill Gates as well as other very rich and powerful people have come under the radar of conspiracy theories with the rise of coronavirus.

It is believed that there is an agenda to depopulate the world, something Bill Gates himself have been recorded to have spoken about several times.

A simulation on a coronavirus was also made where millions of people died, right before the outbreak of the actual pandemic, all funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and their organizations and many people don’t believe it’s just a coincidence.

This and a lot of other factors have been key in leading people to believe Bill Gates may not be the charitable philanthropist we’ve all known him to be.

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