Timaya’s ‘I Can’t Kill Myself’ should be banned from gyms – Sarkodie

Sarkodie have asked gyms across the country to stop playing Timaya’s hit song ‘I can’t Kill Myself’ in a tweet…



Sarkodie have resumed going to the gym to get in shape so it makes sense he wouldn’t want to get distracted.


Understandable, ‘I can’t kill myself’ can send the wrong message especially in a place like the gym where you’re constantly tempted to give up.


Tho it’s a great tune, it’s a music that has no place in the gym and we question why any sensible gym owner will even play it in the first place when people are trying to get in shape.


‘I can’t kill myself’ tells people to be content with whatever it is they have and not to kill themselves for more and in a gym well, that can surely give the wrong message.