Thief strangled with “magical broom” to confess his crimes(video)

The internet is inundated with videos and photos every single second but when you chance on one of these, it definitely freaks you out…


A video shared on Twitter presents a very inexplicable display of charm, wit, and magic as a woman strangle a thief with a broom.


One might say how can something as mundane a broom be able to completely paralyzed such a strong agile man?



Well, that is why the video is very freaky and unnatural.


However, people who have witnessed such an experience say it is not a new phenomenon since the broom possesses power and spiritual acumen to force someone to speak the truth.


In the video, there were pockets of noise and wailings as some women demand the thief to speak the truth and be freed while the woman continues to drag, twist and turn the thief at the neck with the broom.


Watch Video Below: