The government contributed to the success of Already video – Shatta Wale reveals

Man of the moment, Shatta Wale has disclosed the government of Ghana played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of his biggest featured music and it’s video…


As you’ve were updated by already(no pun intended), Beyonce didn’t fly down to Ghana, on the contrary, as confirmed by Bulldog and Shatta, it was Shatta Wale who flew to Brooklyn New York to shoot the video with Beyoncé.


In order for that to have been successful the government had a part to play in keeping things ‘hush-hush’ and that is the airport workers and authorities not letting it known he was flying out.


In addition to that, the government also catered financially for his hotel and food bills he said.


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“This is the time that I’ll say kudos to the current government, not because of politics or anything. The airport understood that I said I wanted my trip to be kept secret and they worked that for me. Kudos to Kotoka and their boss who arranged that for me,


“I went through the airport and they took me through VVIP, went into my first class and flew. It was them that paid for my expenses in and out, my hotel, food and everything. That is how come no Ghanaian got to know about it.”


He revealed the above statements on Onua FM earlier today in an interview with the radio station.


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