Strongmans daughter dances to his new tune ‘Walahi’ ft Dopenation(video)

Strongman has released a new track featuring Lynx Entertainment twin signees ‘Dopenation’ titled “Walahi”.

The just released track is catching heat really quickly on the internet and even taking the number 1 spot of current trends on twitter.

With all the support strongman is receiving, nothing comes close to being as endearing and cute at the same time than a video came across of Strongman’s infant daughter Simona.

In the video shared on social media by the girlfriend and mother of Simona, Ama Strong, the cute 9 months old baby is seen sitting in her walker while grooving to her father’s music with a huge grin on her face.

Tho it last only seconds, it’s speaks volumes and all you need to put a smile on your face today.

Vincent Osei aka Strongman and his long time girlfriend Ama welcomed their daughter Simona Osei in August 2019.

you can listen to the entire song right here right just below…