Speaking English doesn’t pay my bills – Chairman Wontumi

Mr Antwi Bosiako aka Wontumi have opened up about his debacle with the English language…


Wontumi have time and again become a subject of discussion and mockery online because he found it hard to speak the queen’s language.


Most recently, he went viral after he mispronounced “all and sundry” as “all and Sandra”, something he was mocked for once again.


Discussing the subject on his Wontumi TV/Radio station, he says he’s unperturbed by the mockery because speaking English isn’t really his job and surely doesn’t pay the bills.


“merely speaking good English does not create wealth that is why there are some Ghanaians who speak good English yet have contributed virtually nothing in support of our national development efforts.”


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According to him, there are people who can very well speak English correctly but are struggling.


“We have a lot of intellectuals who pride themselves as excellent communicators in English and have even written books using their knowledge in the Whiteman’s language but they are wallowing in poverty.”

“The type of work I do does not require that, I wear tie or suit to make money. Mine is to dirty my hands before feeding myself and family.”


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