Sofo maame removes her panties and twerks on social media(video)

A video chanced upon by shows the shocking moment Sofo maame Pep goes ‘pantless’ as she declares war against one media giant, Amankradoo and YouTube vlogger, maame Ng3g3.


In our previous report,we filed that Sofo Maame Pep angrily descended heavily on Obinim and others who connived and killed Bishop Bernard Nyarko. In her speech she threw heavy insulted at Amankrado and dared him to say word.


Well,per this video, it seems Amankrado has indeed utter a word which has cause the anger of the Scotland base priestess.


In the video, the priestess removed her ring and pant, twerked to Amankrado to announce her presence in the new battle which is yet to be geminated.


Watch the video below…




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