social media trolls Medikal after Eno Barony’s diss

Eno Barony have ignited social media with her “argument done” diss track to Sista Afia which she even dragged Medikal into, and social media just can’t seem to have enough…


The female side of Ghanaian music especially the rap fraternity have always bemoaned how they get little to no support from Ghanaians but I think Eno Barony might have just fixed it, who knew the only thing this recipe needed to be delicious was beef?


Yes, in a series of beef which started from Fella and Sista Derby and has boiled up to Sista Afia and Eno Barony, the latter dropped bars on Afia and called her rap “Medikally weak” and said she’s a “Strongman”


In her argument done diss track, targeted at Sista Afia, but she also called Medikal the ghost writer of Afia and social media have dialed up to 11 in keeping up with this beef.


Many people have finally given Eno the chance, attention and listening ear she especially yearned for with some even saying she’s better than Medikal and other male rappers.





Some people are also expecting a reply from Medikal for Eno dissing her.



Others in their opinion says is “ladies business” and Medikal needn’t get involved, even though he was targeted first.



Should Medikal reply? Should he not? Let us know in the comments after the video.


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