Social Media descends on Medikal for calling Eno a corpse.

AMG Medikal replied Eno Barony’s diss aimed at him in her “Argument Done” track that she used in reply to Sista Afia..


Medikal said he wasn’t gonna reply Eno’s diss but it appears he meant he won’t reply in a track but had no problems replying her on twitter, calling ungreatful and her appearance one that resembles a corpse.


The court of public opinion have spoken on what Medikal did saying “he should remove the log in his eyes before telling others to remove theirs”, because his bride doesn’t look so good either, even at her own wedding.


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Others put him in the category of female rappers now, since he rather handle his business tweeting and bickering online like a girl(no offense to girls) rather than reply Eno on a track like a man.




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