Slay Queen promised pizza but deceived and ‘chopped’ with ‘wagashi’

The popular Ghanaian phenomenon, being that some women or girls are “chopped” with all kinds of fast foods gets more ridiculous by the day…


I mean, when fried rice and chicken was in its earliest stages of gaining popularity in Ghana in the early 2000s, girls were “chopped” with it all the time.


Then it hit more ridiculous grounds and transitioned to Indomie when it got popular,  something that cost 1 cedi 30 pesewas a piece now(less when it was in its “prime”)


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But these days, the Italian famous fast food pizza, have taken over all the above mentioned foods and some girls go crazy for it and will willingly “do whatever you want” if you get them a box.


I know, you might think these things sound too ridiculous to be true but “Ghana We Dey”, if you’re not aware because it’s a known fact and a slay queen with snapchat user name ‘Detw3pa’ have confirmed it.


According to her, she was told by one guy in Nima to come over, and her condition for agreeing to do so was that he buy her a pizza, which he obliged… Or so she thought.


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After arriving and she and the guy got right down to business with some hot séx,  she got hungry and decided to claim her prize, only to open the pizza box and found it wasn’t pizza.


Actually the pizza box contained wagashi a popular cheese-like commodity, commonly found in the zongo and Hausa communities( not to be confused with the Japanese traditional confectionery also called wagashi).


But hey, it could have been worse, it could have been empty, sorry Detw3pa, next time you go shine your eyes 😂.


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