SHS students destroy school properties after ‘apor’ failed them(video)

Students from the Tweneboah Kodua Senior High School(SHS) decided to destroy their school properties after their ‘apor’ strategy didn’t go so well..


Apor is all the rage during WASSCE month every year and no matter how much it fails students year in year out, kids will never learn because well, shortcut is easier than staying up at night and actually studying.


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Such is the case of some Tweneboah Kodua SHS students who put all their faith in apor of an Integrated Science paper they were writting today.


Unfortunately for the young adults, what they invested(bought) in wasn’t exactly what showed up when they sat to write the paper.


Knowing they’ve very much failed the exams, they decided to churn out their frustrations on school property.


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Watch the video below…



Hopefully the SHS 2 students learn from it, but let’s face it, they most likely won’t.


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