SHOCKING: Husband inserts pepper and super glues his wife’s vagina

A Kenyan man from Tharaka Nithi in Nairobi is currently being wanted by the police after he sealed his wife’s genitals with superglue claiming that the wife has been unfaithful to him.


According to reports, the suspect used a knife to insert pepper, onion and salt into his wife’s private part after that, he sealed it up with superglue mixed with sand.


The police officers gave reports that the suspect had returned from Nairobi and informed the wife of relocating to another place.


The suspect convinced his wife that since they had flouted the rule of not leaving Nairobi in this period, he would be wanted by the police and so his wife believed him and they departed.


Upon their arrival at the Kathita River, the suspect then ordered his wife to undress herself and also threatened to kill her if she doesn’t comply.




The suspect sealed his wife’s private part with glue and also sealed her ears and mouth, leaving her in a critical condition and then escaped.


The victim managed to walk t the nearest police station to report the incident and also told the police that the husband was beating her up while she was undressing asking her to list the names of the men who she has cheated on him with.


She is currently receiving treatment at the Marimanti Sub-County Hospital.


The Commander of the Tharaka South Police Command, Kiprop Rutto said that the suspect is being wanted by police as he is also responsible for various crimes in the community.


“We are looking for the suspect so that he can be charged with sexual assault,” the police commander said.