Shatta Wale speaks on ‘SM Militant’ Captan after sacking them

Shatta Wale speaks on his Militant Captan after he confirmed sacking them from his SM camp yesterday….


Shatta Wale yesterday confirmed that he has sacked Natty Lee, Captan, Joint 77, and Addi Self who are all his Shatta Movement (SM) Militants from his camp.


The piece of news that was first broken by Celebrities Buzz was shared on Facebook by one Shatta Bianca based in Germany. She is an integral member of the Shatta Movement globally.


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Loyalty is not frenemy…We don’t stand on other’s shine to put dirt in others eyes as well blindfold others Why is it that so many use the ShattaMovement to hype themselves when behind all this is not even anything good ?? How many of you did dirty the name of ShattaWale ? How many be a disgrace to the movement !? Some will know why I talk this way and some will not know. #ShattaBianca.


A while after she made that post, she followed it up with:


Addi self Natty lee and joint shouldn’t use shatta movement to hype themselves !


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Shatta Wale confirmed the news of sacking his SM Militants by writing and stated that his Militants have been sent packing because they sold out:


Thank you 🙏🏻 most people think they are still with me but dem sell out long time … Thank you for the observation 👊🏾👊🏾many will fight you for this but stay loyal .. Difference between whites and blacks 🔑.


Natty Lee, a member of Shatta Wale’s Militant team, also spoke about their dismissal in a Facebook post a while later.


In a new development, Shatta Wale showed Captan some love despite casting him out by disclosing that he is the future.


According to him, Captan’s new songs are too sick.


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He wrote:


Captan is da future….His new songs are too sick.



Shatta’s post proves they are still vibing cool even though he confirmed sacking them.