Sëx is not an investment in a relationship – Man tells women

Sëx is a vital part of a relationship but it has been used as a tool of power play by some women especially in our side of the world to dictate a relationship…


It’s a give and take “procedure” enjoyed by both parties (some more than others one might even say) yet one party AKA females sometimes feel they’re doing something magnanimous for the other side.


Often when the relationship is no more and the man happens to be in a better place in life, “I was there for him when he had nothing” is some of the common phrases you hear being thrown around but many times nothing really impactful was involved in the “being there for him”.


A Twitter user with the username JayNaija Blogger, have waded into this long held belief of women who think having intimacy with their partners back when they didn’t have much is otherworldly.


According to him, having sëx with a man in his struggling days isn’t an investment and and don’t mean a woman was there for a man during his struggling days.