Sark and MI calls off their $200K online battle, here’s why(video)

Fans of rap music in Ghana and Nigeria got very excited when it was announced that Africa’s most decorated rapper in the name of Sarkodie was going to face off with Nigeria’s MI Abaga In a rap battle.

Unfortunately, it ended even before it started judging from a recent video of Sark and MI Abaga in a chat on instagram.

According to the two, they refuse to let themselves be pressured into anything they don’t wanna do, instead they’ll rather work on a collaboration.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise since the musicians have always expressed respect to each other with MI himself calling Sark the best on the African continent.

Their duel was was to be broadcasted live on instagram with Nigerian media personality Ubi Franklin where the winner would have walked away with a whopping $200,000.