Samini jabs Shatta for faking his shooting incident

Shatta Wale was reported widely on social media and traditional media to have been shot at and fighting for his life in a gun incident..


The Inspector General (IGP) and Ghana Police began a search for his whereabouts in various hospitals and his abode and found nothing.


Fast forward, Shatta Wale came out of his hiding and confessed to have faked the shootout and blamed it all on one “Prophet” called Jesus Ahuofe who made a “prediction” claiming he’d be shot on the exact date which Shatta faked the incident which is the 18th of October, but Samini isn’t buying any of that


Long time rival of Shatta Wale, Samini has described Shatta Wale’s stunt as an expensive joke that the IGP found no humor in.


He continued by mocking Shatta Wale’s antics, adding that Waleย  ย or Bandana as he put it is a fool.



Shatta Wale on the other hand blamed Ghana Police for allowing charlatans to parade themselves as prophets and threaten the life of people with no consequences.