Sakawa Slay Queen reveals how she use sperms to get rich(+screenshots)

A slay queen has divulged the secret behind get rich quick scheme that borders unto “spirituality” and rituals aka Sakawa by using the sperms of the men she sleeps with…


In whatsapp chats chanced upon by in what appears to be an online guideline to “how to get rich quick as a slay queen”, the person getting initiated is told to bring the sperms of the men she’ll sleep with.


Showing her how, the guide tells the newbie she needs to bring sperms from a man that’ll be chosen by the “sisterhood” first.


After they pick the man for her,  she’s supposed to give him blowjob, lure him to cum in her mouth, pretend to go to the washroom, turn the tap on not to draw attention to herself, and spit the “juice” into a plastic bag and have it delivered for the rituals.


That won’t be all,  she’s supposed to repeat the process two more times doing other sexual acts with the man so she gets him to cum again and also deliver that semen.


The reward for her plight? After that she’ll get “500 USD x 3” that is 1,500 dollars, and she’s allowed to sleep with whoever she wants then.


Read the Kumawood script-like whatsapp chats below…