Restaurants & bars in Ghana can operate now – GTA

Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Tourism Authority(GTA) have ease down the restrictions on some public areas such as bars and restaurants following President Nana Addo’s speech last Sunday…


According to the Authorities of Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) hostels can henceforth operate and host their customers and guests


This would, however, be subject to “specified elevated hygiene protocols” as well as social distancing.


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Well,if it could be recalled,in Nana Addo’s 9th nation address, public gatherings still remain ban till May 31st 2020. However, GTA in the guidelines stated that restaurants, drinking bars, and food chains can proceed to their normal daily activities like before,meanwhile, such eased agencies are obliged to observe the safety protocols, this was made known on TV3 midday live on Wednesday May 13, 2020.


“Drinking bars can operate while observing appropriate social distancing and hygiene protocols,” But all night clubs must remain closed.


“In all situations, hospitality facilities should observe the staff management and workplace protocols and precautionary measures on public gatherings with the view of achieving social distancing and hygiene protocols as spelt out in the Imposition of Restrictions (corona virus disease (Covid-19) pandemic) Instrument, 2020 (EI64).” GTA said.


Mr. Akwasi Agyeman further explained to the public through TV3 that this guidelines are only meant to clarify the executive instrument for operators and not that restrictions are eased.


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