‘Repented’ Nana Agradaa preaches(video)

Popular controversial fetish priest Nana Agradaa have turned a new leaf it seems…


Speaking on her ‘Talking Point’ show, Naana Agradaa have left viewers(at least myself) astonished, as she’s been seen quoting the scriptures.


Discussing the marriage of Kyeiwaa, and sighting her very unsuccessful marriage back in 2015 Agradaa quoted the famous Akan parable, “if you’re not wanted somewhere go somewhere else”, meaning Kyeiwaas marriage yesterday in the states.


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She suddenly was “in the spirit” and got biblical mentioning things like if the devil knew Jesus was gonna be  “our”( yes including her,  she’s repented lol) savior he wouldn’t have killed him.


Watch video below…



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Posted by Thunder TV LIVE on Sunday, July 26, 2020

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