Regina Daniels shows off her husband’s fleet of expensive cars(video)

Life they say is what you make it, and Regina Daniels decided to make hers great by marrying a billionaire…


To prove that, she has no problem flaunting what her husband’s wealth which is also hers by default, after all a marriage union makes the husband and wife one in everything.


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Regina Daniels who had her first child only few weeks ago have already bounced back and decided to give her social media followers a tour into her very luxurious life.


Like a model on a runway, she strutted her way across her husband’s garage and gave us a peek into her very privileged life.


The young Nollywood actress showed off Ned Nwoko her billionaire husbands G-Wagon, Porsche, Brabus, and a Ferrari.


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She proceeded unto two black G Wagons packed side by side and made her way into one like a boss, while the camera kept rolling.


Checkout the footage below…



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