Rasta Student Finally Sue’s Achimota

Ghana has been divided since March over Achimota Senior High Schools refusal to admit a student because of his dreadlocks…


Tyrone Maguire, a brilliant student who passed his Basic Education Certificate Examination(BECE) with flying colors was placed at Achimota by the computer school placing system but hasn’t been able to join his peers in the classroom because Achimota’s school authorities refuses to get with the times and will rather deny him his right to an education haveh resulted in him and his father suing the school.


After weeks of uncompromised futility in changing the minds of the Achimota school headmistress’s stance, an Accra High Court will be the final decider.


The lawyers of the Rastafarian student have argued the decision of Achimota is in direct violation of Tyrone’s right to formal education.


“a violation of his right to education guaranteed under Articles 25(1)(b), 28(4) of the 1992 Constitution.” – portions of the writ stated


They also made a case against the Achimota school authorities discriminating against the student and his Rastafarian religion that permits him to have dreadlocks, a fundamental human right, also enshrined in the constitution of Ghana.