Prosecute Shatta! – Security Expert to Ghana Police

Shatta Wale has incurred the wrath of many with his latest publicity stunt of faking a gun attack on his life, including Security Experts who’ve called for his prosecution…


Paul Boateng, a Security Expert and Chief Executive Officer of the Africa Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies, has called on the Ghana Police to bring down the full arm of the law on Shatta Wale over his fake gun attack.


According to the Security Expert, the latest display from Shatta Wale has caused fear and panic in Ghana and has also caused the country to loose resources.


The police have to take the matter up because it has caused fear and panic


Police have to spend money buying fuel and look at the damage. Apart from the trauma to the followers, the nation has also spent on him.”


Mr Paul Boateng believes with the amount of multitudes the musician commands, the damage he’s caused with his lies isn’t miniscule and he shouldn’t be pampered as such.


How can somebody who has about 4 million followers on social media and the traditional media could go to that extend”.


“The law has to take its course. This time around, we don’t have to pamper anybody and I am expecting Ghana police to prosecute Shatta Wale. Shatta Wale cannot be exempt from this. The law must work”.


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Shatta Wale, on his reason for doing what he did blamed a prophet who said he was gonna be shot on the 18th of October, saying it caused him trauma.


In addition to that, Wale further blamed Ghana Police for sitting idle and doing nothing about these threats on his life by various “men of God” in the name of prophecy.


The Security Expert tackling the above said;

“I don’t know whether Shatta reported the issue to the police but if he did and the police did not act on it…that is also an issue


we have to look at all these things. The police have to look at all these things”.


Paul Boateng made these pronouncements earlier today on TV3.