VIDEO: Prophet says Akuffo Addo will die before December 7th if…

“Prophecies” about politicians is all the rage during election season and one so called prophet has made a damning one..


In a video circulating online, a prophet by name Odifo Kwabena Tawiah has said the President of the Republic Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo will meet his demise prior to the day of elections.


As usual, like with many prophecies by these prophets, terms and conditions apply and there’s a way out for Nana Addo to not kick the bucket and potentially remain the President.


Apparently, he(Odifo Kwabena Tawiah) interceded spiritually for the President but the President has turned his back on him.


According to him, the President is not picking up his calls, something he bemoaned and added that if he had interceded for John Mahama instead, he wouldn’t have let him starve.


In order for the President to keep living he’d have to do “what is right” and finally give him what is due him.