Politician who called coronavirus fake tests positive for coronavirus

A bunch of people across the world especially in the genesis of the crisis of coronavirus still believed, and even now still believe the virus is a hoax…


From the real cause of the virus being 5G towers to it being nonexistent to all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories, a US politician was one of such people who believed the virus was a hoax.


Republican senator Jason Rapert have now contracted the virus as well as pneumonia on Friday the 24th of July.


Jason Rapert


The Arkansas senator condemn the governor of Arkansas when he made mask mandatory in public gatherings where social distancing can’t be respected.


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“an overreach of executive power without consultation with the members of the Arkansas legislature,” in a social media post is what he called the governor’s implementation.


In a facebook post in the early stages of the virus, he called the coronavirus the biggest political hoax in history and was reported to have been seen in a church without a mask and called the wearing of masks unnecessary.


“I understand the governor has expanded authority during a declared state of emergency, but with most people already complying where necessary and the death rates, hospitalisation rates and positivity test rates all hovering just below 1% in our state — I believe this mandate was ill timed and not necessary.”


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Asa Hutchinson, the governor of Arkansas on the other hand defended his mandate saying its in the best interest of public safety.


“We believe this is important from a public health standpoint,” “It is something that is necessary in Arkansas with the cases we’ve had.”


Well,  we bet he won’t think it’s a hoax anymore now that he has it.. Hopefully he recovers and learn his lesson.


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