PHOTO: 4 Slay Queens have been arrested for posting nudés on social media

Social Media or should I say quick money have landed some ladies in trouble…


With Instagram, premium snap chat, only fans accounts etc and how easy it’s become for people to become their own self employed pôrn stars, some ladies and even guys have no problem selling their bodies on the web for some cash.


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Fortunately or unfortunately, it has landed four Rwandan citizens in trouble with the law for haven posted their nuđity online.




Police’s investigations Bureau of Rwanda(RIB) have arrested the four ladies for committing the crime of sharing content of such nature online.


Some of the girls said they were under the influence of alcohol when they did what they did, and one of them said she didn’t even know it was a crime to do that.


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The authorities on the other hand believe it was deliberate and they did that for money.


‘RIB interim spokeswoman Dominique Bahorera have further warned celebrities, especially those who dress suggestively of facing a similar fate.


The punishment of the above crime in Rwanda is apparently a sentence of at least 2 years.


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