Pastor declares 6 years fasting

Things Ghanaians Christians and their pastors do sometimes will make anyone think they’re more Christian than Jesus Christ himself…


In that vain, have come across a flyer of a church, where a pastor has declared 6 years fasting.


The church called Redemption Bible Way INC.(Apostle James Silvers Temple) along with their senior pastor Bro Nicholas Twumasi Ankrah and two other pastors are the ones who declared such a humongous act of fasting judging from the flyer.


The fasting had actually began in 23rd December 2017 which means half of it have already been done, and will end in 3 years time on the 23rd December 2023.


It’s also a 12 hour fasting that is from 6am to a 6pm every single day.



If you’re a part of this debacle, keep up the good work.. No seriously go get something to eat, because even Jesus Christ only did 40 days and 40 nights.