Pastor caught sleeping with his friend’s wife after church service(Video)

A pastor has been caught sleeping with his friend’s wife after a church service. The two were forced to pose for a photoshoot…


Betrayal is the most painful thing, especially when it comes from a close ally you trust and rely on for most of your activities.


A pastor slept with his own friend’s wife but was unlucky. He was caught in the act by the woman’s husband making him the most shameful man in the process.


According to the report, the man had been suspecting his pastor friend to be having a secret affair with his wife judging from how the two acts in his presence.


He worked hard to track them down and caught them red-handed displaying their sexual prowess in bed.


Shameful pastor after their photoshoot was so embarrassed that he knew not what to do.


The incident happened on Kenya and they were handed over to authorities to deal with them.