Old man receives twérking at wedding(video)

An old man has been captured having the time of his life at a wedding..


In a hilarious short video online,  the old man who was at what appeared to be the reception of a wedding ceremony was getting tweŕked on,  right in front of everyone.


The man who seems to be really in his late years stood there pretty much not really utilizing the opportunity that was presented to him,  a chance that most men will jump at, probably because of his age and not being able to do much.


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However, with that said, he managed to sneak in some few slaps on the big “bazookàs” of the woman showing it’d have been a different scene all together if she caught him 10 or 20 years earlier.


Kw3333333 😂

Posted by The Ghanaian on Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Isn’t life just beautiful?…Imagine if this man is the father in-law of the bride…  😂


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